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I’m friggin proud of my aunt. We’ve never really known each other that well, but since joining our family she’s always made it clear to me that she wants to be there for me as much as she can, and she’s made more of an effort than any of my extended blood relatives ever have. Plus I’ve always felt she was the most liberal and likeminded member of the family, and would be the most likely to be an ally for me if I ever choose to come out to the rest of my aunts/uncles/grandparents. So I decided to unlock my Facebook privacy settings so she could see my coming out note. I wasn’t even sure she’d find it, but I was willing to take the chance.

Today I got a message from her letting me know that she’d read my coming out note, and she understood it must be a very interesting time for me. She wanted me to know she still loved me with all her heart today as she did yesterday, and would tomorrow. How great of a response is that? Then she was anxious to know how my parents were coping (I think she was scared they would’ve stopped speaking to me). She remind me that while in the future many members of our extended may have trouble coping with my sexuality, I’m a strong and gracious person who she feels can handle their reaction. And then promised to do whatever she can to support me, whether that’s lending an ear or whatever. Damn. Coming from the background of my extremely conservative family, and being the ‘newest’ aunt, that’s a bold stance to take and I appreciate it so hard.

  1. mindfulberry said: Amazing aunts for the win! I’m so glad you have that support!
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