Beyond Silence

Non-binary. Ze/hir/hirs or male pronouns. Post about feminism, politics, trans issues, LGBQ things, life in recovery, mental health awareness, body positivity, humor, and the occasional fandom.

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"Girls, we flirt with death everytime we etch a new tally mark into our skin. I know how to split my wrists like a battlefield too, but the time has come for us to reclaim our bodies. Our bodies deserve more than to be war-torn and collateral, offering this fuckdom as a pathetic means to say, ‘I only know how to exist when I’m wanted.’

…Your body is the most beautiful royal. Fathers and uncles are not claiming your knife anymore, are not your razor. No, put the sharpness back. Lay your hands flat and feel the surface of scarred skin.

I once touched a tree with charred limbs. The stump was still breathing but the tops were just ashy remains. I wonder what it’s like to come back from that, because sometimes I feel a forest fire erupting from my wrists, and the smoke signals sent out are the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.

Love your body the way your mother loved your baby feet, and brother, arm wrapping shoulders, and remember, this is important: You are worth more than who you fuck. You are worth more than a waistline. You are worth more than beer bottles displayed like artifacts. You are no less valuable as a size 16, than a size 4. You are no less valuable as a 32A than a 36C. You are worth more than any naked body could proclaim in the shadows- more than a man’s whim or your father’s mistake. Your sexiness is defined by concentric circles within your wood; it is wisdom. You are a goddamn tree stump with leaves sprouting out- reborn.” 

So this is kinda incredible. Watch it maybe?

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